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chinese water dragon

Blue Came to petland in march of 2002.  He was pretty much frozen upon arrival (darn airports!) but survived.  He quit eating and needed to be force fed.  it took 2 months to gain wweight back on him and get him eating byhimself.  He is eating very well now.  Unfortunatly the force feeding has left him with a slightly unmatching jaw.  I am hoping this fixes itself as he grows but doubt it. He has developed a gorgeous green color on his body with black mottling- almost leopard printy looking on his legs.  very nice.  Blue has gone from 16 grams in april to 23 grams as of today!
New pictures of Blue

On June 22 Blue got a buddy- yet unnamed

They are getting along quite well now hanging out together at night in their tub (i've never heard so much splashing from blue befor now he dives right in!)