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Welcome to my page!  My name's Krystl.  neVar is a nick i use on some chats and message boards.  I live in Saskatchewan in a pretty town called Saskatoon.  I'm married to James who i love VERY much and am very happy with.  We live in a small apartment with our fish (four tanks and a bunch of bowls).  We have two cats, Dusty (mine) and Nicki (James').   

I work at Carlton Cards here in the mall as the Assistant manager.  I really like my job, the things we sell in our stores and the people that i work with.   

In high school i was involved in Graphic Arts and Drama.  I was the publisher of the school newspaper for two years and directed two plays in my senior year.  Pastiche which i co-directed when to the regional festival and we got awards as the most promising directors.  In my spare time i ride my horse Sierra.  You can find out more about her on my Riding page.   

The Wedding
 My Cat 
James and I
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Counter by Rapid Axcess

Anyway follow the links below to go to more pages of mine that have lots of pics and more info on my interests.      

Our Fish
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