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These are just projects i did in either my Design class at college or for my graphic arts class in highschool
Screen print of a logo i did for Ebon Stables Inc.
This is a design project i did in school (just a portion of it the entire thing was too large to fit my scanner i will get it copied then shrunk so i can fit the whole thing on here).  It was made by enlarging a black and white photo and then recreating it by cutting and pasting together different photocopies of texture/shades.  It took forever to do but i absolutly love it.
This is another portion of a design project (the actual one is the entire bodies of the foals and some of the pasture and the barn in the background).  It was done by taking a color photograph, marking it off in squares and then enlarging and recreating it by doing square by square with acrylic paints.  I loved this project mostly because of the subjects that i chose.
Sorry there aren't more of my stuff up on th is page but i'll get them posted when i get them scanned!!!!!