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    Well i don't have any pictures of our fish to put up right now, so instead i'm going to tell you about them.  Our fish started with MY gold fish Jack.  I got him in grade eleven.  He lived until the next christmas (the day befor may i add).  (this was all befor i met James).  In the summer of 1998 i got a small tank (five gallon) and filled it with a few fish.  most of them died.  But of the ones who survived (after getting dropsy and being moved to the gold fish bowl.  Beta had lots of personality learning to 'flare" on command.  He also made me fall in love with the Betta Splendas.  After me and james got married we bought a larger tank (30 gallon).  We moved all the fish into it and decided we would use the five gallon to breed betta's.

    Next James got a betta which was an extended red.  Unfortunatly Nicki found him quite fun to play with and he died.  So over the next few months we successfully bred our fish twice.  Beta has died from dropsy and we bought a second large tank (48 gallons).  We now have a ton of bettas.  Neway here is al ist of what we have todate.

In the 30 gallon:
- 3 tiger barbs
- 2 coolie loaches
- chinese algae eater
- new sorta like a chinese algae eater that eats hair algae
- 2 clown loaches
- 5 neon tetras

In the 48 gallon:
-6 female betta's.  (one cambodian, one light blue butterfly, one blue/red all about one year of age)(three 5 month old females (light blue, cornflower blue butterfly, and one violet cambodian)
-pictus cat fish
-cory cat fish
-four otocinculus
-6 juvinile bettas (one male, two unknown dark blue/red's and three light white unknown sex's).
-two angels (one golden marble and one sunset blushing)

We have three males in bowls, one red delta comb tail (whose fins are soo long) a steel blue and a blue/red butterfly.

We have three breeding tanks now, two five gallons and a ten.  Neway that's our fish (not counting our latest spawns).