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The Lizards

The newa tank- it measures 5' across the front, 4" high (actually a bit more) and almost 3' deep (The deepest i could get it made and through my house's door!)  It has a sink for the pond (contimplating the wetland filter idea), door on the side for access.  Powersun (yeah new purchase), heat lights, and a Verilux bulb (3') on top.  I'm also working on gettinga humidifier set up to pump in.  Currently it has a fogger in the pond.  Still needs some finishing touches like the crown molding put on.

BLUE_ this is the one i had to hand feed 3x/day for over 2 months to get her to were she would gain weight and eat.  She battled skin infections, respitorty infections, eye infections, and mouth rot when she was brought into work.  (she hadb een purchased elsewhere and brought for us to 'save').  She has now doubledi n weight in the year i've had her.  Not bad- she's still a picky eater but continues to shed and gain weight.

This is biscuit.  She had mouth rot (not severe) and some toes that needed removing when she came in.  Over all my only 'healthy' one i've brought home.  I take the ones i feel might not make ithome (they are few and far between as at work we have wonderful suppliers).  PS she is definatly a female so far

This is Bella.  We're still battling mouth rot and Repsitory infection.  However she has a fabulous appetite (The biggest eater so far).  Hopefully this last batch of antibiotics will clear up the remaining. I've had her for about 2 months.

bella after she shed- looking much better. Respitory seems cleared up!

(any name suggestions??- yes must start with a B- i know i'm odd)

his throat is like a bright neon pink- this photo doesn't show it well