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This is my kitty Dusty.  well, actually he's a cat not a kitty cuz he's getting kinda old but he refuses to acknowledge it!!!!!!!!  He is a purebred himalayan.  He has really great bloodlines that include many champion, and grand champions relatives!!!!!! He was born on may 9th, 1984.  Dusty has had a pretty uneventful life, but there have been some major ups and downs.  We got him from a couple and well Dusty wasn't a happy kitty there.  He was petrified of anyone male, if a stranger came into our house he would go into hiding and not come out for a few days!!!!!!!!
Well now we have THREE cats.  Nicki's a very fat cat, who loves to lay around, play with Snip, eat, eat and eat and is a cuddle monster.  Snip is a stray i got through work.  He's white, wihta grey smudge on his head.  A huge purrer he loves to wrestle (well he thinks it's beating up) the dog, getting into any garbage can, play with tolite paper rolls and shred paper towel.  But not last nor least ESCAPE!!!!
Dusty and my fish (deceased) Jack, dusty LOVEd jack, and would drink out of his bowl all the time, but never tried to eat the lil fishy!
Dusty being the christmas kitty!
Nicki being a Camera hog
Aint she cute???? Back in her small and cute days! now she's fat and pretty.
Austrailian Shepherd/black lab cross
He's a very active dog, loves playing with snip, beggin for food and protectiing our back yard from mysterious non-threatening far away dogs and cats.  He also enjoys eating, lots of eating but is yet to gain a pound.  Very athletic he's a great jumper and hates being in his kennel.  A good bed hog he quite easily takes up half of our bed but prefers to attempt to get under the bed to reach Snip.
bodi the day he came home. He's much larger now, almost full grown.  He's about 20 inches tall and about 35 pounds.  He's now one year old (he's 13 weeks in the photo)
and our new addition, pinky the rat, pics to come
More pics of Dusty are on the Photography Page