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has pizzazz
1987 Anglo Arab Mare
 Pizzazz was my first horse that i ever owned.  I bought her the summer that i turned twelve (so 1991).  I had been riding ponies up til then so to me her stature of 15.1 was  HUGE!!!!.  I went to see her because her owner rode at Rusty Spurs Equestrian Centre with me.  I was looking at the time for something to do dressage with, work up th elevels and learn.  But unfortunatly cash was spare so i searched (sorta stupidly ) for a green horse.  I went out to see Pizzazz, we let her out in the ring, and she just amazed me.  She showed us a gorgeous extended trot, then cantered around befor heading across the diagonal to show us her natural Tempe Tempo's.  That was it i was in love!.  We bought her, knowing Hilda was one we could trust. 

Pizzazz prooved to be more talented then anyone could have imagined.  Easy to break i brought her to the barn as a quiet, (could barely work up enough to canter!!!!) .   But with time my greeness in riding and her smarts made the road ahead very difficult.  We went through several years of falling off, getting back on, other people riding and winning on her, to finally finding a coach (THANKS ELAINE!!!!) who got us working together, competeing together and winning. 

Pizzazz could jump )(she won a 3'9 schooling jumper after only 3 months of jumping cuz we thought we'd see how high she'd go).  Her small stature made turns easier then pie, her stride huge for her size made her very adjustable.  She left any one who rode her in awe.  In the end though she was just too small for me (She was cursed all who owned her grew 6 inches in the first year!!!!).  I started looking for a new horse (CLOUDY) and started marketing her.  In our last show in 1994 we entered into the hack division and was champion or reserve champion in every division.  Prooving herself to be an incrediable horse she went from winning show hack to walking right back in and winning the english pleasure.  She will always be my favorite horse. 

She is now living in Alberta with a great family.

Pizzazz at one month

Pizzazz and me 1994

When beefed up this girl looked not a bit araby