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                       This breeding contract is for the season of _______________, made and entered into this _____day of _______________,   ___________, between the Texas Syndicate, hereafter called "STALLION OWNER" and _________________________,  hereafter called "MARE OWNER". 

                       STALLION OWNER does hereby reserve for mare owner, one season's booking for the mare _____________________,  Registration #__________, to the stallion ____________, Registration #______________, standing at Riverside Equestrian Center, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, who's service fee is ___________. A non-refundable booking fee of _________is  included in this service fee and is payable when this contract is signed. The balance of   __________, plus initial collection surcharge, shall be payable before the first shipment of transported semen is shipped. In addition, the Mare Owner shall provide a deposit for the Equitainer of $400.00; also payable prior to the first shipment of transported semen.  The deposit fee will be returned when the mare is certified in foal or at the end of the breeding season, July 31, ________.  

                       The STALLION OWNER agrees to ship cooled semen with a minimum of 5 days notice to prepare semen for shipment. The  collection and preparation of semen shall take place at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Draws are available only on weekdays and are subject to the availability of stallion. The STALLION OWNER agrees to provide MARE OWNER with one collection of transported semen from said stallion, sufficient to inseminate said mare two times within 48 hours of time of collection. The MARE OWNER understands that even under the best conditions    conception rates using transported semen may be less than those using artificial insemination or live cover on the farm where the  stallion stands. Initial draw fee is $175.00, the second draw fee is $200.00. Subsequent draws thereafter, during the current breeding  season will be charged at $250.00. 

                       The STALLION OWNER will provide the MARE OWNER with Delivery/Breeding certificate for stallion fresh semen, that is to properly completed by the attending Veterinarian and returned after each heat cycle. THE MARE OWNER AGREEST TO:  Provide a Veterinary certificate and current uterine culture, taken when the mare is in heat, with negative results, showing that mare is in sound breeding condition and free of infection. This is a condition of service. Mare must be palpated and/or ultrasounded by a  licensed Veterinarian to determine mare's ovulation prior to delivery of semen. Veterinarian must notify Riverside Equestrian                   Center/Texas Syndicate of the required arrival time of the semen. 

                       Arrange for pick up and/or shipment of the Equitainer and to pay any costs involved. A deposit for transportation fees can be  arranged and the fees deducted on an accrual basis. If the deposit is depleted, an additional deposit will be required before further  shipments.  

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                       Arrange for said Mare to be artificially inseminated by a qualified Veterinarian, trained and experienced in this procedure, otherwise all conditions of this agreement become null and void. Name of Veterinarian _____________________.  Phone number (                        )____________ 
                       Name & address of practice _________________________________________________ 

                       Arrange for Veterinarian to complete and sign the Delivery/Breeding certificate of transported semen. If record and receipt or a copy  there of are not returned to the STALLION OWNER at the end of each heat cycle, it will result in forfeiture of all breeding fees, balance of shipping fees and all other rights. 

                       Immediately destroy any unused semen from said STALLION and, under no circumstances, inseminate any other mare, other than said mare, designated in this agreement. Failure to comply will void this agreement and all rights of MARE OWNER, and may be  construed as theft. 

                       Return Equitainer to STALLION OWNER, at MARE Owner's cost, with 3 days of receipt of transported semen. Failure to do so could result in a $20.00 per day charge for the Equitainer. 

                       Should the STALLION die or become unfit for service, or be sold, prior to semen shipment, then this agreement shall become null  and void, and any monies paid as part of the Stallion Service fee shall be refunded to the MARE OWNER. Should said MARE die prior to becoming "in foal" or become unfit to be bred, an acceptable replacement mare may be used; or upon receipt of a Veterinarian certificate on the mare's unfit state, any monies paid as part of the Stallion Service Fee, except the booking fee, shall be  refunded. The refunding of the balance of the Stallion Service Fee, shall discharge the STALLION OWNER from any further
                       obligation to the MARE OWNER. 

                       If the said mare does not settle, the MARE OWNER shall keep the STALLION OWNER harmless and the STALLION OWNER  shall be deemed to have earned the booking fee of __________. If a live foal does not result from this mating, the mare owner is  entitled to a return privilege in the next breeding season for the above named mare or an approved substitute; provided that the MARE OWNER notifies Riverside Equestrian/Texas Syndicate within seventy-two (72) hours of the foaling date, and that Riverside                    Equestrian/Texas Syndicate receives a veterinary certificate concerning the circumstances of death within ten (10) days. In this case, the MARE OWNER agrees to pay an additional $100.00 booking fee and all charges related to shipment of semen, for the re-bred season. Another mare, registered in the name of the original mare owner may replace above-mentioned mare in this instance as well, upon consent of the STALLION OWNER. 

                       The mare must be examined by a licensed Veterinarian for pregnancy by a)ultrasound scan at 17 to 20 days; b) by palpation at no later than 50 to 55 days after the day of insemination. The MARE OWNER agrees to promptly notify Riverside Equestrian/Texas  Syndicate of the mare's pregnancy status. If the mare is examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be barren fifty-five (55)  days from the date of last service, return privileges will be granted. In any event, no more than two (2) breeding seasons will be  honoured. The normal breeding season at RiverSide Equestrian Center concludes July 31st. 

                       The MARE OWNER will provide copy of registration papers (both sides) as part of this breeding contract's requirement. If the mare is unregistered, four photographs of the mare, clearly showing all markings, are required. These photos should be taken from  the front, the back and each side. 

                       All fees pertinent to the Breeding Agreement are subject to GST. 

                       This Agreement shall not be assigned or transferred by MARE OWNER unless written consent is obtained from STALLION
                       OWNER. In the event said mare is sold or otherwise disposed of, neither present MARE OWNER nor any subsequent MARE
                       OWNER shall be entitled to any refund.  

                       When the MARE OWNER signs and returns two (2) copies of this contract, together with a copy of Veterinary breeding soundness  report, copy of registration papers or photos, and booking fees, this contract will then be binding for both parties. One copy will be returned to MARE OWNER when approved by STALLION OWNER. The MARE OWNER will forfeit all breeding fees, balance of shipping fees and all other rights, if no shipment of semen is requested by _____________, _________ of ___________. 

                       This Agreement is signed and agreed to by: 
                       MARE OWNER     STALLION OWNER 

                       _________________________________  Texas Syndicate 
                       (print name) 

                       __________________________________  c/o Krystl Ahrens  

                       ___________________________________  1325 Kilburn Ave 

                       (_______)___________________________  Saskatoon, Sask. s7m 0j9 

                       (_______)__________________________   (306) 955-3968 



Basic Approved Stallion
2004 Season $1000.00 CND including $200.00 booking fee
TS/Frozen and Live cover