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February 2, 2003
2 months of training
    You can compare with our 3rd ride here:  Lester and Me November 23/02
A little bit of walk warmup- could my hands get any closer to my crotch?? i don't really think so!
About 5 minutes into the trot work.  Wow he looks better then i thought (oy he was stiff, cranky and NOT in front of the leg today).  What the heck are my heels doing (did i mention I was stiff? I got slapped in the back with a Tegu's Tail at work on Firday resulting in a massive Back spasm)  At least i am sitting up half ways decent
And a perching we will go- hands need to go up! 
Bah those damn hands!!! 
And Hunter girl appears!
iooh shows off his perty Clip (least my hands are up!
` Ooh he looks nice here!.  Now if only i didn't have my heel up my arse, and was sitting up!
Again my heel is up my arse, 
Heels down misy!.  Ok this is definatly not my good equitation day!