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WElcome to Texas' Journal where his accomplishments, funny
storiesand other information will be recorded1
September 15, 2001 Today texas went to his first show.  I tried to braid him yesterday night- just incase he got nervous at the show- that way i wouldn't have to worry about it today- he rubbed most of them out :( GOt to the show and he was great, very level headed, let me rebraid him OVEr and OVER as he kept rubbing them out (i so hope he grows out of this!!!!).  FEll asleep befor his class and was pretty laid back through it all.  HIs trot showed better then usual (Jennifer did a great job showing him).  Comments by the german judge were good.  Several comments on how lovely he was.  Score was 32 out of 50.  Comments- Good looking colt- good development, legs need to straighten out some, dip in the neck but very nice over all!!!!
September 17, 2001 Worked a bit in the round pen.  Good boy moved off well- but tired after a few mins.  NEeds to get out more (well he gets out lots to run- he just doesn't do anything!!!!!!)
September 19, 2001  Today TExas wore a bit for the first time!!!.  I just tied it to his leather halter and slipped in it.  Took it right in, mouthed it quite a bit and had some grain.  Took to it very well!  Measured again- still sitting around 14.3 HH
September 21, 2001 Texas lunged for the first time!!!!>  Took him into the round pen and walked a few circles each way.  He's too laid back hard to get him moving alot of time.  THink maybe a bag on a carrot stick will motivate a bit more in that round pen.  Would be nice to see him getting a bit more exercise. 
October 5, 2001 Well today texas got all dudded up.  got him a cavasson which JUST fit (hahahahah they say pony to full size *LOL* it wouldn't fit quite tight enough around his nose but it worked- lil tigher then his halter).  TOok him out and walked a few circles and he did very well, even did some GREAT halt transitions-= didn't turn in!!!!!!.  WE even trotted a circle on  each direction- just to help him go forward from the whip. He's really getting the hang of it.  WEnt for a walk down by the pasture and he was very good.  Then back to the stall for the big thing- THE SURCINGLE>  HE didn't even blink an eye when i tightened it up (too busy trying to get cookies *G*).  What a good boy if he keeps this attitude he's gunna be a GREAT stallion!
October 16, 2001  Well T's routine has settled down a bit.  Getting a lil ch illy out for working outside on most days so we're just hanging out together, brushing, (rolling in the stalli swear this horse is gunna be a menance to keep clean at shows!!!!).  he's being a charmer, nickers when i go out to see him.  Going to get his feet done this week hopefully- or early next week.  I think he will be very good for it again. 
October 24, 2001   Well today i got bored and looked up the GElderlander.  Guess what Texas's great grandpa PION is half gelderlander.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can ya see the wheels a turning????.   Definatly makes me want to find out more and more and more about his background.  The gelderlander is known for making amazingly talented horses.  Pion himself is a gelderlanderXtb, and is gorgeous and showed at international Show jumping.  T's been just spending the week being silly in the snow.  He's got a fire under his tail now *L* nice to see some life in him.  HE ALSO thinks he's mister studly now which is cute cuz he just gets darn perky going past those mares but is still very well behaved. 
October 28th, 2001   WEll yesterday TExas came out to play in the Round pen.  Put the surcingle on and he was good.  Did it up another hole so it was snugger (ie not ready to fall off) Of course like any yearling T did a few fcrow hops.  But the second i turned away  HE stopped and walked up to me with this "MOM where are YOU GOING!!!!!!".  Then never even thought about it.  WE're in fora week of NICE WEATHER.  so hopefully he will get to wear it a few more time sbefor winter.  ALso dewormed him and he was a great boy. 
October 29th 2001  T got his feet done today.  He was very very good.  Just not too darn sure about putting his foot up on the stand but we'll work on it over the next month.  he is definatly mr studly now.  LOVES Those mares!!!!  BUt listens to me know mater what
November 15th 2001  Well texas is as always a good boy.  YHe's getting better about the surcingle, now he just wants to roll it off *L* but will move on if asked.  HE enjoys the indoor ring much more.  Pictures of him in it can be seen on his photo's page.
November 20th 2001  BRave chicken.  THat's what texas is.  Today was the first time going into the ring with all the junk from team penning being there.  he'd run down to the end of the ring, then gallop (well canter) up to the bleachers, pause about 20 feet away then spin away.  THen he'd do it again, getting a lil closer, and again and again.  What a brave chicken!