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Houston Belisar Saros XX
Ciola Pion
Jarlen Pinkus Pandur
Farlen Maat



His daughters highly-placed in shows give Houston high index scores for exterior and movements and also his offspring show an above average talent for dressage.
The dressage index of 158 places Houston among the better dressage progenitors.  In 2002 two of Houston's sons were appointed for testing in Ermelo:
1  Sergio (aka Sam Sam), Houston x Zandigo - a classic example of how a dressage horse should move - became one of the auction toppers of the Select Sale.
2  Symphonie, Houston x Columbus - the champion of the 2002 stallion selection who brought ecstasy to both public and judges with his looks, charisma and quality of movement.

In The Leading KWPN Sires of 1995, he was described as "one of those stallions expected to boost Dutch dressage breeding."


Some Houston offspring:

SAM SAM (sergio) Approved stallion in Denmark

SYMFONIE Champion in 2002
In The Leading KWPN Sires of 1995, Houston was described as "one of those stallions expected to boost Dutch dressage breeding."

walk 8
trot 8.5
gallop 8
riding test 8.5
jump under saddle 6
jump (free) 5
cross country 6.5
character 8
stable manners 9
trainability (willing etc) 8
total 75.5



-Jarlen Keur hannoverian mare
-sired by Pinkus (100 day champion)


Belisar is known in Holland for his high dressage index.

His test scores were

walk 8.5
trot  8.5
gallop 8.5
riding test 8.7
jump undersaddle 7.5
jump (free) 7.5
cross country 8
character 7
stable manners 8
trainability 9
total 81.2


-Pinkus was his 100 day test winner for the Hannover Verbrand with a 125+ points and a jumping score of 137+ points.
-Last year's (2000) performance test winner (Hanoverian) was LaPrimeur, whose damsire is
Pinkus. The Hanoverians think very highly of Pinkus as a sire/damsire
-sire of Polaris, 2000 Preliminary US hannovarian event award recipient
-owneded by Hanoverian State Stud, Celle, Germany
-Sire of Prince Optimist approved american Hannoverian stallion standing and competing in the USA
-Sire of 9 approved stallions in Germany

PINKUS (generation 2)

Pinkus carries the lines of Garibaldi II who is the sire of such great dressage horse's as Carol Lavall's Gifted.

Garibaldi II (generation 4)
Also in Texas' pedigree through Pinkus (generations stated are Texas')

Grande4 (generation 5)      Pik Konig (Generation 5)


Pion Generation 3

The F1-product Pion (Throughbred x Gelderlander) has jumped internationally himself and is one of the best stallions in the KWPN. By far his most successfull son is the KWPN stud stallion Aktion (Pion x Akteur), a 75% Gelderlander/Groninger horse. Aktion is after the F1-product Ideaal (Doruto x Eufraat) the most successfull dressage horse in the whole KWPN stock breeding.