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Saskatchewan Chapter

of the
Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association

Dedicated to Breeding and Promoting the Canadian Warmblood Horse

Board of Directors

List of breeders

Minutes from the meetings

Schedule of Events

February 8th & 9th,2003- Educational Clinic check Schedule of Events for more information!

Please note.  If you have not paid your CWHBA membership for 2003 it is now only $55.00 for full membership.  This is due to the numbers not being confirmed in time to implement the foal insurance.  If you have paid the full amount you will have a credit with the CLRC.

Join our mailing group

 Receive minutes from meetings, announcements etc.  To join email Then to email all those on the list just send an email to it will automatically be sent to all those who have joined.  Hopefully if everyone joins up no one should miss meeting notices or minutes.  When joining please make sure to keep the 'email' option open, otherwise you will not receive these emails.

Old World Bloodlines, New World Vitality!