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Imported in 2001 Texas brings to Canada the great lines of Houston and Pinkus.  Houston is a well sought after sire in Holland producing top dressage prospects.  He passes on strong toplines and fabulous movment.  In 2002 the stallion show champion was a Houston son with another being the highest priced horse at the auction- Sergio (who is now a fully approoved stallion in Denmark under the name Sam Sam).  Houston carries the lines of Jurriaan who's sire is the sire of Lucky Boy xx (one of the best improvment sires in Holland- sire of Calypso).  Jurriaan is found in the pedigrees of many top dressage horses. 
Pinkus has sired 9 approved sons in Germany. He is also the damsire of the Stallion testing champion For Paragon.  Pinkus himself scored 9's on scope for jumping at the 100 day test and ended with the highest score out of 32 stallions.  Pinkus is also the sire of 9 approoved son's in Germany and is the damsire of the popular stallion For Paragon. 
Texas shows great talent for the dressage and jumper rings.  His trot has scored an 8 under stallion commitee judges for swing and elasticity.  his canter is rolling with good use of his back.  Texas has a good marching, free swinging walk.  He has a strong jump with a lot of scope.  He has scored 8 on scope as a 2 year old and has free jumped 4'6.  Texas is tidy with his knees, uses his back well and is tight behind over the fence.  He has enough style over the fences to be a top hunter, but the power to win in the jumper divisions.  He has the talent for the top levels in either dressage or jumping.  He will be shown in dressage and move into the hunter ring as a 4 year old. 

Texas will be presented to the Canadian Sport horse and Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association in 2003. 

$800.00 cnd (including $200.00 cnd booking fee)